Platform offers optimal performance and risk mitigation in wastewater monitoring

Mike Edwards   

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The recently introduced CA80 series analyzer is the centre piece of the comprehensive platform launched by Endress+Hauser for real time effluent monitoring in all its dimensions.

Responding to the challenge municipalities face with tightening effluent requirements, Endress+Hauser has developed a comprehensive platform approach for real time monitoring of all critical parameters and collection of true representative samples for lab testing.

In combination with Promag flow measurement, this monitoring system is based on the company’s Liquiline platform provides operators with the greatest possible risk mitigation in order to avoid incurring violations and penalties.

The platform is said to feature several of the most advanced monitoring and analytical tools available, which together comprise a system that is as rigorous and reliable as it is cost-effective. A complete platform includes four Memosens sensors (for pH, turbidity, Spectral Absorption Coefficient for organics and Dissolved Oxygen) connected to a Liquiline CM44x series transmitter, with Liquistation CSF48 and CSF34 monitoring stations, and CA80 series colourmetric analyzers for phosphorus and ammonia.

The recently introduced CA80 series analyzer is the centre piece of the platform. It’s widely recognized in the wastewater management world as best in class, with the most advanced technology and lowest operating cost. It’s the first analyzer using an integrated Liquiline Transmitter and Memosens technology.

By using the Liquiline electronics platform, these analyzers provide consistent analysis across analytical measurements, with fast commissioning and user-friendly operations. The CA80 series is designed with precise, positive displacement dispensers for reagent dosing and cooling systems. This reduces the consumption of reagents and maximum effectiveness for up to 12 weeks, and an optional cooling module can further extend their longevity.

The unit’s integrated calibration and automatic backwash system that keeps filters clean ensures reliable operations without manual intervention over extended periods of time, keeping maintenance costs low. The CA80 (watch video demonstration below) is available for many online parameters, such as iron, ammonium, phosphate, nitrate and many more.

 This article was contributed by Endress+Hauser Canada based in Burlington, ON.


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