Water Treatment: Achieving consistent and precise quality

By Tom Wingfield, Pall Corporation   

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Apart from the obvious health concerns, water quality is critical to the taste and appearance of any beverage. Product integrity is dependent on high water quality, a must regardless of the beverage you’re producing.

In the beverage world, a unique product signature results from a precise combination of liquid ingredients including flavours, additives, sweeteners, enhancers, and water. For nearly every type of beverage, water quality has a direct impact on taste, which is affected by its constituents mixing with other ingredients.

Apart from maintaining precise control of ingredients, their mixing and separation, the most variable ingredient from place to place is water. Fluctuations in water quality and content affect taste, appearance, and even safety. It can also affect the efficient operation of any bottling or production facility.

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TomWingfield is vice president in food and beverage division of Pall Corporation.

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