When to recalibrate measuring instrumentation

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All measuring devices loose accuracy over time. Therefore, reliable readings require a regular schedule of calibrations. The particular conditions and needs of each application will determine when it is time to recalibrate a measuring instrument.

Aren’t you relieved when your bathroom scale shows that? But in actuality, your scale doesn’t directly measure your weight. Instead, the load cell built into it converts the weight force into a path. In many industrial applications, bending beams and shear beams are often used for such measurements.

Time isn’t kind to the human body, nor to measuring instruments. Industrial thermometers, pressure gauges, and other devices are subject to a variety of stresses – mechanical, chemical, thermal – which take their toll.

But even though nothing lasts forever, regular tune-ups not only can prolong a device’s lifetime, but maintain its high level of performance. Regular checks and recalibrations help industrial plants get the most out of measuring equipment.

  • When to Recalibrate
  • Accuracy verification and calibration are normally performed on these occasions:
  • Before installation (factory calibration)
  • During preventive maintenance
  • During scheduled shutdowns
  • Annually during an audit

This article is from a blog contributed by Hardy Orzikowski, Product Management-Pressure at WIKA USA, whose recommendation for a calibration check and re-certification is once every 12 months. Read more on instrument calibration recommendations by clicking here.


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