White Paper: Workflow management software for chemical manufacturing

Mike Edwards   

Features editor pick

Stillwell Associates helps clients deploy SafeTK, workflow management software that operates across multiple sectors.

Companies are adapting to the transformation of the chemical manufacturing industry by the digital world. This transformation coincides with challenges either to a specific organization, or the existing technology and resources. Other areas include meeting increasingly demanding standards and practices, challenges that are faced by all companies.

By combining both physical and digital technology, organizations are able to promote growth while streamlining operations.

Until the last couple of years, the largest portion of safety professionals would only allow for an installed software solution on a local system.

According to one survey in 2019, the environmental health and safety (EHS) sector is in the midst of a substantial conversion from locally installed software to cloud based solutions. Current reviews suggest that as many as 9 in 10 EHS leaders are considering a transition to a cloud deployment for their safety management needs. Two of the key areas which have been defined by executives most often to implement these types of systems are Performance Management and Safety Management.

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