Compact sensor provides online moisture measurement of bulk materials

Mike Edwards   

Products Berthed LB 571 microwave resonator moisture content online measurement

The Berthed LB 571 microwave resonator for online measurement of moisture content in bulk materials is based on the resonance technology.

This technique is determined by electromagnetic waves (microwaves) in a dielectric cylindrical resonator.

The sensor with integrated signal processing unit can be used for a wide range of bulk materials in a moisture range of between 0 and 30%.

The parts in contact with the media are made of ceramic or stainless steel and the electronic housing is made of aluminum, making the unit suitable for use in the food industry.

Calibration is carried out directly on site, conveniently and quickly using the supplied PC software, the company says.

The online determination of the moisture during the active process allows for a reduction in production costs through continuous quality monitoring, it adds, for example by reducing energy consumption in drying processes and by reducing the number of rejects. www.berthold.com

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