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INDCO air mixers are designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use in diverse mixing applications. Compatible with a range of mixing blades, these air powered devices are intrinsically safe for handling of volatile and flammable materials when electric mixers are not suitable. The MAC-150 mixer package shown features a ¾ HP powerhead and a 21” long shaft with 5” integral paddle which makes it ideally suited for mixing paint, resins, chemicals, ink, adhesives, block fillers, and more. The rugged and dependable AM149 powerhead includes a single handle option for ease of use and movement. The ¾ HP air motor provides maximum agitation when supplied with 100 PSI @ 30 CFM. An airflow valve allows speed control from 300- 3000 rpm for flexibility in multiple mixing applications. Air operation reduces the possibility of explosion in a combustible environment, making these models safer than electric mixer options. 

In addition to the MAC-150 mixer package, INDCO offers a wide variety of air mixers and stirrers, from ¼ – 4HP, in both handheld and stand mounted options, some with gear drive for added torque.

All INDCO products are made in the USA with industry leading warranties.  Their team of mixing engineers are available to provide selection and application assistance. 


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