IO-Link valve terminal provides power plus flexible connectivity

Mike Edwards   

Products festo manifold pneumatic valve terminal

Festo has announced the VTSA IO-Link, a valve terminal that includes an IO-Link connector for use on the company’s ISO valve manifold VTSA. The VTSA series is capable of handling many ISO-style or high flow valves, with the added advantage of being able to use different sizes on the same manifold.

The IO-Link version from Festo offers capacity of up to 24 coils – 24 single or 12 double solenoids – and customers can use any combination of valve sizes 18, 26, 42 and 52 mm.

VTSA IO-Link also offers many of the same optional add-ons as other VTSA variants like stackable regulators, integrated vacuum generator, pilot air pressure control and monitoring, and a safety exhaust and soft stop valve for quick exhaust and slow pressure build-up with spool monitoring for added safety.

The VTSA IO-Link interface can also be used in combination with Festo’s low-cost CTEU network adaptor to create a flexible fieldbus network with popular protocols like EtherNet IP, Profinet and EtherCAT.

Festo has also adapted its standard IO-Link connector module used with the VTUG valve terminal series to provide connectivity on the VTSA multipin terminal. No special software is required.

The company can supply the VTSA IO-Link manifolds assembled or will supply the IO-Link connector package separately for customers to assemble onsite

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