Iris valves suit a wide range of applications

Mike Edwards   

Products dryers

The Syntron brand of iris valves from Lorenz Conveying Products are used to control the flow of powders, granules, flakes, or crystals in a wide range of production equipment like hoppers, bins, dryers, blenders, bulk bag unloaders and vertical pipelines.

The Lorenz iris valves are designed to permit free flow of materials without binding or seizing of the valve and without damaging product.

The FV series iris valves operate by rotating the control handle through a 180° arc to vary the size of the orifice from closed to fully open. To lock the valve in a selected position, turn the control handle clockwise and tighten.

SFV/DFV iris valves have single sleeves and trigger-type handles that lock in multiple precise orifice settings for rapid and frequent opening and closing.

When handling abrasive, fine, or dusty materials, adapter spools and wear sleeves may be required to effectively manage wear and tear plus dust control.

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