Natural gas submetering thermal flow meters meet simple-to-complex needs

Mike Edwards   

Products FCI Fluid Components International natural gas

Natural gas submetering thermal flow meters from Fluid Components International (FCI) offer basic to advanced feature sets and with comprehensive agency approvals, including, Div1/Zone1 and SIL ratings, to measure local gas usage.

The thermal flow meters are said to be economical and easy-to-install, versatile solutions to measure the flow rate and totalized flow of air and natural gas. Units are direct mass flow measuring, wide range 100:1 turndown instruments, all with precision calibration in natural gas flowing at actual installation temperature and pressure conditions.

Their inline or insertion designs provide a threaded or flanged connection into the piping from 0.25 inch [DN6] to the largest of line sizes, powering by AC or DC sources, and large choice of local digital readouts, analog, and digital bus outputs.

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