Manual or mechanically actuated control valves

Mike Edwards   

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Festo VMEF/VHEF directional control valves can be actuated by a single finger or hand, or a workpiece making contact with a trigger mechanism.

The valves are based on touch actuation with minimal force — there is no energy to convert, no long cables or additional response time.

The Festo units perform functions that directly result in a follow-up action, like clamping or closing safety doors (if manually actuated) or acting as a signal generator (if mechanically actuated). The actuated stem switches the valve and triggers that next step in the process.

For manual actuation, the VHEF offers a choice of “triggers” — a finger, handle or toggle lever or a pushbutton. VMEF offers a stem, roller-lever or one-way roller-level actuation.

All configurations are available as 3/2 way and 5/2 way valves with G1/8 and G1/4 connections as well as NPT variants.

More variants like 5/3 way valves are available, depending on model selected.

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