Portable wide range digital pressure calibrator

Mike Edwards   

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The Ametek Crystal 30 series is a portable wide range digital pressure calibrator available from Cameron Instruments. The series internal sensors provide 0.05% of reading accuracy. Accuracy includes effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, temperature and stability for one year.

Pressure and milliamp readings are fully temperature compensated.

The elastic, crystalline sensors in the series return to their original shape, even after accidental over-pressure. The unit comes with free ConFigM30 software used to customize the calibrator to fit a user’s specific application.

Users can modify the start-up message, remove features to simplify the gauge, and calibrate the series. View the gauge identity, which includes a user-settable message (for example: “Jim’s Gauge” or “Pipeline ABC”).

The intrinsically safe calibrator will measure vacuum and pressure up to 5000 psi and can be purchased with either one pressure sensor or two depending on requirements.

The battery-operated instrument is said to be easy to learn and use and allows users to bring laboratory accuracy to outdoor field conditions.

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