Rapid and accurate electrochemical biosensor solution for PFAS detection

Mike Edwards   

Products FREDsense Technologies monitoring PFAS water testing kits

FREDsense Technologies Corp., a manufacturer of field-ready water testing kits that detect chemicals in drinking and wastewater, has announced that its platform can detect and measure PFAS in just hours, compared to traditional methods.

The new FRED-PFAS system will integrate a PFAS-responsive biosensor solution into the company’s field-based platform for rapid measurement.

The company’s patented electrochemical technology is uniquely suited to monitor very low concentrations of contaminants, making it ideal for PFAS monitoring, it says.

The system will be a scalable and customizable solution to enable field monitoring of PFAS. The company plans to deliver the system as a consumable grab sample field kit, meaning the solution can be deployed in a mobile way across sites and potential areas of concern.

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