Silo-mounted sensor works like an automated tape measure

Mike Edwards   

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The SmartBob sensor from BinMaster works like an automated tape measure. Mounted on top of the silo, the sensor drops a weighted cable to the material surface.

Upon impact, the cable retracts while counting pulses that are converted to a level measurement. Measurements are programmed at predetermined time intervals to monitor changes in inventory over time.

The sensor is ideally mounted 1/6 of the diameter from the outside perimeter for centre-fill, centre-discharge silos, the company says. This distance is proven to provide the most accurate inventory data, it adds, accounting for the angle of repose in free-flowing materials.

Level data from the sensor can be sent to the company’s Binventory software installed on a PC on a local area network. Alternatively, data can be accessed from the internet using the BinView web app on a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

A SmartBob sensor with an analog output option sends data directly to a PLC. The sensor is used in vessels up to 150 feet tall that contain solids, powders, liquids, slurries, or in brine tanks.

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