Low temperature comparator for calibration of thermocouples

Mike Edwards   

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The Kaye LN2 Comparator available from Alpha Controls is said to be an easy-to-use device that allows for calibrations that need extremely low temperatures.

Using the boiling point of liquid nitrogen, this comparator allows users to complete calibrations at -196°C in a semi-automated fashion in combination with Kaye Validators.

The included thermocouple holder permits running calibrations on up to 48 thermocouples at once.

Not only does the holder offer you easy management of your thermocouples, the company says, but it also can easily hold a Kaye IRTD in place in the centre of the block during a study.

Designed to keep the evaporation rate of the liquid nitrogen as low as possible, the comparator is also said to provide the ability to run long-lasting calibrations in stable conditions for several hours.

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