Reference pressure instrument replaces chart recorders

Mike Edwards   

Products Ametek STC Cameron Instruments instrumentation

The nVision Reference Pressure Recorder from Ametek STC – Crystal Calibration is a replacement for the chart recorder. The recorder visualizes measurements graphically, with or without a PC, in real time as it is being recorded.

This is said to make it much easier to identify trends or anomalies visually, than in a table of data or spreadsheets.

Additionally, all data can be exports to tamper proof digital records. The unit from Cameron Instruments is available with two independent pressure, temperature or mA modules, with pressures available up to 15,000 psi and a third BARO module option to read in atmospheric pressure.

The unit offers a reading accuracy of up to 0.025% and is fully temperature compensated from -20° to 50°C. Included with every module is a calibration certificate with test data from the manufacturers A2LA accredited laboratory.

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