Thermal mass flow meters and controllers for gases

Mike Edwards   

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Hoskin Scientific has introduced Bronkhorst EL-FLOW Prestige line of mass flow meters/controllers for gases. The latest generation has benefits based upon further advances in flow-signal processing and a highly stable flow control regime that is virtually impervious to process fluctuations, the company says.

Specifications include: lowest range from 0,014 to 0,7 mln/min; highest range from 8 to 1670 ln/min. See video demonstration below:

Features include:

  • High accuracy (standard 0,5% Rd plus 0,1% FS)
  • Pressure and Temperature Independent
  • Turn Down up to 1:150
  • Multi-Gas / Multi-Range functionality (25 selectable gases)
  • Pressure ratings 10 / 64 / 100 bar
  • Customized I/O options
  • Safety in compliance with IEC 61010-1

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