Application: Innovative solution developed for nitrogen dosing on filling lines

Mike Edwards   

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Controlling several flow rates with just one piece of hardware is now possible with the app “Flow control” of the Festo Motion Terminal.

Festo has introduced two apps that when used in combination are said to improve the efficiency, flexibility, and energy savings of nitrogen gas dosing on filling lines. These and other apps for the company’s intelligent Motion Terminal provide machine builders with the ability to not only shorten time to market and reduce components, but also to develop distinctive solutions for their customers.

The Flow Control Motion App enables nitrogen flushing on up to eight containers simultaneously through four valves. The up to 600 l/min flow rate ensures rapid dosing. The system detects percentage deviation from the specified volume, which creates the opportunity for fine tuning to achieve greater precision. Precise filling decreases nitrogen consumption.

The Selectable Pressure Level app moves multiple filling nozzles through the dosing process quickly and accurately. Flexible parameterization shortens cycle time. After filling, the nozzles are retracted from the containers with reduced pressure to save energy. A third app, Leakage Diagnostic, ensures the system is operating at peak sustainability through early detection of compressed gas or air leakages.

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The Motion Terminal is an intelligent valve that changes functionality based on downloadable apps. Machine developers can create a basic machine type using the Motion Terminal and then select the relevant Motion Apps to equip it with various functions and features per customer requirements. The ability to copy and transfer parameter sets makes planning easier and shortens time to market. Assigning functions via software has the added benefits of preventing tampering and protecting intellectual property.

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