Valve/actuator positioner suitable for natural gas applications

Mike Edwards   

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When natural gas is being used as the operating medium for a valve/actuator application, the VA200-GA electro-pneumatic positioner from VAC is FM, CSA, and CE approved for use on natural gas.

While accepting a 4 to 20 mA input signal, the transducers deliver a 3-15 psi output to the VA200-GA positioner and throttle supply pressure (up to 100 psi) accurately to the actuator, the company says.

The positioner is a NEMA 4X enclosure and has a tapped ΒΌ in. exhaust port that allows for venting or capturing of the operating medium.

The EX Natural Gas Ip also has a tapped exhaust port for venting as well.

The position indicator (pointer arrow) provides a clear indication of the valve position and can be fitted with a dome style indicator if needed, it adds.

The modular positioner and converter can be ordered as an assembled unit or retrofitted/assembled in the field.

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